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Prieš jums padaryti užsakymą, jūs turite būti atsargūs išmatuoti savo pėdos ilgį (nuo kulno iki kojų) ir tada jums turėtų daugiau dėmesio skirti mūsų dydžio lentelė.Jūs galite rasti tinkamo dydžio, jūs mūsų dydžio lentelė.Galiausiai, galite nuspręsti, kokio dydžio jums pirkti.

  • Padas Medžiaga: Guma
  • Modelio Tipas: dryžuotas
  • Elemento Tipas: laisvalaikio bateliai
  • Pamušalas: Lycra
  • Batai Tipas: Pagrindinis
  • Modelio Numeris: 36081
  • Prekės Pavadinimas: Bona
  • Pritaikymas: Tinka tikrosios dydžio, imtis savo įprastinį dydį
  • Vidpadžio Medžiaga: PU
  • Sezonas: Pavasario/Rudens
  • Funkcija: Kvėpuojantis
  • Uždaryti Tipas: Hook & Loop
  • Batviršio Medžiaga: Splitas Oda
  • Departamentas Pavadinimas: Suaugusiųjų

SKU: z9510
Bob Caulk
On its foot 27,5 cm. Took the size 9,5 (44 size, on the insole 28 cm.), came up perfectly. The workmanship is decent. The material of making composite, the sock of the sneakers is made of genuine leather, and everything else is split (this is also leather, but cheaper quality, medium cut of thin skin glued to leatherette). The sole is glued reliably, but not stitched. Velcro cling reliably, does not open, instead of ordinary laces, rubber laces are inserted, that everything in total is very convenient to quickly dress and remove shoes. White color sneakers, unlike black, on the leg looks very voluminous. Cushioning in sneakers is average, but on the leg sit very comfortable. Insoles are made of rubber. The dimensional grid corresponds. I recommend to buy.
Nikola 88 88
Not the first sneakers in this store. On the length of the foot 28,5 cm 10 size-ideal. as always-orthopedic insoles as a gift.
Ordered sneakers on sale 11.11. To Ukraine, the delivery took 22 days, delivered by new mail. At first glance, quite qualitatively made. Stitches are even, glued well. Rubber laces and are not adjustable, they are more decorative and supporting. The sneakers are fastened only with Velcro, which is very convenient. On his foot 275mm first ordered 44/9.5 size, but the seller recommended taking 43/9. In the end, 43 size came. At the foot of 275mm came up perfectly even on warm socks. Insoles did not put me as a gift, although I asked)) how they will be worn by the season. Shop recommend.
I Star
Well, here comes my shoe to me. For a long time such a long delivery was not-63 days. The seller sent me insoles first. They came in two weeks. And shoes-he writes-I sent another parcel. Gave the track a number on her. In a couple of days, the number began to be tracked. In short, on September 22, she was sent to China airport. And silence. It was only in early November at customs in Russia. The seller is good! Write-wait, I sent. Sneakers are made neatly. Quality is good. Before that, I ordered winter boots Bona. Winter left-normal, legs do not freeze. Well, sneakers now until spring will wait for their hour. Thank you to all who delivered the parcel to me! Good luck and good!
Delivery month. Crosses are good as all this company. I have been buying this company many times. I 've never found isiana. Always happy.

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